The Discovery Room

During the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci’s involvement in science and anatomy went far beyond that of an artist, as he strove to unravel some of life’s mysteries. By uncovering the inside of the human body, he tried to achieve a greater understanding of man himself, hoping perhaps, in the course of his search, to discover such secrets as “the seat of the soul”.

The work in “The Discovery Room”, sits in that uncertain place where art and science overlap. The installation attempts to create the experimental and enquiring environment where, during the course of the search, something might unexpectedly be found. The work explores and documents, but freedom from the constraints of scientific discipline allows it to develop beyond the bounds of reality to an area where dividing lines between real and fabricated, natural and manipulated, become ambiguous.

Notions of life’s “big issues” – life, death, growth and metamorphosis are explored, together with an investigation of the “unknown” interior, both physical and emotional.

Nothing in “The Discovery Room” can really be said to be “complete”. It is all part of an ongoing process which celebrates the processes of questioning, learning and discovery through art as well as through science.