Watch this space
The Phoenix Gallery, Brighton

30 April 2005 to 11 June 2005
Open Tuesday–Saturday, 11am–5 pm
Closing Celebration Saturday, 11 June , 2–5 pm

For six weeks the gallery will be transformed into an interactive studio environment, where visitors will have a unique opportunity to observe three artists at work, and participate in a range of activities. Watch this space as it continuously evolves in interesting and unexpected ways.

Judith Alder explores the ways in which we navigate our surroundings, and considers our encounters with pathways, signs, barriers, hazards, landmarks and crossings. Her work draws upon research into animal migration, and incorporates children’s games, mazes, puzzles, stories, sensory aids and tactile maps for the visually impaired as she considers our physical and metaphoric journeys through space and time.

From the very beginning visitors can chart the journey through the creative processes involved in the initiation of a brand new project. From early factual and visual information gathered on the theme of “Finding the Way”, including stories from the public, writers and local school children, all of the projects’ starting points will be displayed, with experimental work rapidly evolving within the gallery, gradually filling the space in this unique environment. Visitors will be able to see the growth of work in both two and three dimensions, involving a wide range of methods and materials, carried out in direct contact with the public. They will share in the lateral and creative thinking processes taking place, experiencing the unpredictability, the surprises, successes and failures which are part of an artist’s every day work.

A photographer’s studio is the setting and stage for Greg Daville’s “Cover Star” images. Armed with camera, tripod and a few simple props, Greg collaborates with contributors to re-enact favourite record album covers, which become part of a growing exhibition.

arkem creates characters, costumes, performances and environments inspired by Brighton, its residents and buildings. Enter an alternative universe peopled with such luminaries as “Palace Pier” and “Mr. Brighton” and customise your clothing to become a local landmark.

An exhibition of previous work by the Artists in Residence can be seen in the North Gallery Annexe at The Phoenix Gallery throughout the duration of the residency.